About Pet Coach

Pet Coach specializes in providing customers with a plethora of lovable and fully customizable pet items ranging from collars and ID tags all the way to harness.

Your pets make you happy, and they deserve to feel special too.
Thus, we put a lot of time and effort into creating one-of-a-kind products that will have you feeling equally satisfied upon receiving them.

Our store is based on our fond of pets and the fact that custom made orders are one of the best ways of keeping the memories and sharing the love for them. We always strive to create unique and high-quality products, something proved by our excellent customer service that makes sure everyone is happy with their purchase.


Our Engraving Technique

For our custom collars and ID tags, we use laser engraving at high temperatures. This is a drawing tool that can form patterns onto a surface. This way, not only do we make sure that your engraving lasts for quite some time, but your pets will be able to play without them without causing any damage.



Lifetime Guarantee

We use only the best materials when crafting and engraving your memories to last for years of adventure. We guarantee our products' quality for the lifetime of your pet, as long as that may be. If you want a treasured memento of your time together, we can always make that happen.