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Cyndi Johnson
So pretty and great quality!

I was looking for a personalized girlie collar for my German Shepard/ Wolf dog and it is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend these collars.

Melanie Fine
Love it its perfect!!

Its excactly as shown very happy!!

Julie Cosgrove-grubbe
Size does matter

When I ordered the smallest collar you had, I thought it was going to fit my cat. I was wrong. It is tooooo big. It would have to be another inch and a half smaller for her to wear it properly. So now I have a collar I can not use. It now sits on the shelf gathering dust.

Linda MacAndrew
Amazing product!

Love these products. I got the collar, leash and bag holder. Great job on engraved tag, was very easy to read and looks great too! Would recommend these products for sure.

Linda Kirshenbaum
So Pretty

I ordered both the collar and matching leash in the Amaryllis pattern as a gift for our sweet doggie.
Both are lovely.
As already stated by some here my only complaint would be the extraordinary length of time they took to finally arrive.